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What is the relationship between ACK Broker and Atlantic East Nantucket Real Estate? Do I have to go through Atlantic East to work with Jane or Meg?
Contact Jane or Meg directly at ACK Broker. As independent contractors, they draw on the extensive technical resources of Atlantic East Nantucket Real Estate to provide you with the highest level of service.
Is there a difference between working with Jane and working with Meg on my real estate transaction?
Jane and Meg work together closely to provide seamless service to all of ACK Broker's clients. Their integrated knowledge and experience gives greater breadth and depth to their analyses of specific properties and the market as a whole.
How do I determine where on Nantucket I should be searching?
Where you look depends to some extent on what you're looking for—an investment property versus a year-round residence, for example. Jane and Meg can show you any property listed for sale on Nantucket and are happy to offer guidance on the island's distinct areas and neighborhoods. Before you narrow your search, they encourage you to explore the island.
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How do I start to search for a property to purchase on Nantucket?
Contact Jane or Meg by email, phone, or fax to launch your search. On the ACK Broker website, you can sign up to receive automatic emails from the Nantucket Listing Service and also access Link, a listing service hosted by the Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers.
Can ACK Broker help me to get access to properties beyond those featured on the website?
Jane and Meg can show you any property for sale on the island. They also can research a specific type of property for you that may not be on the market at present.
What is the price range for a home on Nantucket?
Prices vary depending on what type of property you're interested in, be it land, fee simple, or condo. The price range typically starts at around $450,000.
Can ACK Broker help me arrange financing?
Jane and Meg frequently provide referrals to local banks and mortgage brokers who come highly recommended and who know Nantucket real estate.
When is the best time to buy a home on Nantucket?
Today is always the best time to buy.
How much time should I allot for my property search?
The length of your search will vary depending on your vision and requirements. Jane and Meg have worked with clients for several months, a year, or longer, but in other cases the search has taken just a matter of days. The average timeline for a Nantucket property search is approximately six to nine months. Once a property is selected and an offer is accepted, the transaction typically takes 30 to 60 days to close.
If I own a home on Nantucket, can I live in it for part of the year and rent it out for part of the year?
Many of ACK Broker's clients choose to purchase a home as an investment, using it as a part-time residence, then renting it out for a few weeks or months a year. Jane and Meg work with these clients on the pricing, marketing, and booking of their homes as rental properties.
Will I have to pay a broker's fee when I buy a home?
The seller typically handles the broker's fee—it is included in the property's listing price. When Jane and Meg work as a buyer's broker, they request that the client sign a buyer's broker agreement, which identifies any additional fees that the buyer must pay if purchasing a property for sale by an owner directly.
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What's the first step toward selling my Nantucket property?
Email or call ACK Broker at 508.228.1398. Jane or Meg will schedule a time to meet with you and walk through your property. They'll compile all the building, health, and other municipal information necessary to put your house on the market. Then they'll draft a comparative market analysis that will provide you with price recommendations based on marketing and selling your property within six to nine months.
How long does it typically take to sell a home on Nantucket?
The average time on the market currently is seven to eight months. Key variables that may affect the time on the market for your home include the type of property and its location.
When is the best time to sell on Nantucket?
There is no typical selling season on Nantucket, but there are many more buyers looking from May to October. ACK Broker often works with buyers early in the year to purchase a home for summer use. Buyers of year-round homes may be in the market during any season. The only slow time seems to occur around the holiday season.
Does ACK Broker charge a fee to provide a broker opinion of the value of my home?
No, ACK Broker will provide a broker opinion of value and a Comparative Market Analysis free of charge to any homeowner.
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How do I get started with a search for a rental property on Nantucket?
There are two ways to begin. Call Jane and Meg and ask them to provide you with a customized list of available properties, or search ACK Broker's website first and compile a list of properties that interest you. Jane and Meg will then confirm available dates for those properties.
How far in advance do I have to begin my search to find a good summer rental?
It's never too early to start your search for a rental. Because of limited inventory and high demand, properties book very quickly. Jane and Meg recommend that you begin your search in the fall prior to the summer season for which you plan to rent.
Can I rent by the week? By the month?
You can rent for any period of time—one week or longer. During August, owners typically prefer to lease for at least two weeks. When you give Jane and Meg your preferred dates, they will do everything possible to find the rental property that meets your needs.
Will I have to pay a broker's fee when I rent on Nantucket?
You do not have to pay a broker's fee when you rent. The homeowner pays the broker's fee and has factored that into the rent you pay.
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